2024 Scholarship Awards

Every year the Retired – United Teachers of Northport award scholarships to deserving members of the Northport High School senior class. The scholarships honor current members of the R-UTN and are memorials to members who have passed on.

We are proud to announce this year’s recipients, who received their awards at the Northport High School Scholarship Night on June 5th.

I went to Norwood Elementary School, where I met Mrs. Linda Dickman. She allowed me and some other kids to spend more time in the library to engage with things that interested us more than what we would have been getting during recess time, chiefly building with Legos. I will be attending the Rochester Institute of Technology for the 2024-25 school year, and will be studying Computer Science. While my major is not directly connected to my time at Norwood, the ability to express myself in that manner set me down a path that would lead to my discovery of programming and how it interested me.

My name is Idil Nuraydin and I went to middle school in Turkey, where the name of my school was Ali Haydar Ersoy Middle School. I am planing to attend New York Institute of Technology to study Biology B.S./ Pre-med. I want to be a pediatrician in my future career.