R-UTN Scholarships 2024

The R-UTN awarded six, $500 scholarships to the children of UTN members at the UTN End of the Year party on June 11. The scholarships honor are in honor of UTN/R-UTN members whose dedication to the children of our community is their legacy. The 2024 scholarship recipients are:

  • Katelyn Conroy, daughter of NHS Special Education Teacher Patricia Conroy. Katelyn is a senior at Northport HS and will be attending Towson University.
  • Matthew Ronan, son of Debbie Ronan, Elementary teacher at East Northport MS. Matthew attends Atlantic University and will be returning in the fall to continue his education majoring in Business.
  • Logan Norman, son of Norwood Avenue PE Teachers Stacie Norman. Logan is a senior at Centereach HS and will be attending Francis Marion University in South Carolina.
  • Raquella Pandolfi, daughter of Ocean Avenue teacher Jessica Pandolfi and granddaughter of retired ESL teacher Gerry Kosta. Raquella is a senior at Kings Park HS and will be attending St. Joseph’s University, majoring in education.
  • Dorothy Amato, daughter of Norwood Avenue art teacher Tara Amaro. Dorothy is a Northport HS senior and will be attending College of Charleston.
  • Colin Cavaliere, son of Northport HS librarian Debra Cavaliere. Colin is a senior at Longwood HS nd will be attending Hunter College.

The UTN also awarded six scholarships in memory of former UTN leaders and R-UTN members. The scholarships are awarded in memory of Tom Anderson, recipient Erin Kenny; Mike Barbera, recipient Austin Ruthkowski; Harold Carter, Molly Gonzalez; John Conzone, Carman Stanton; William (Bill) Hall, Jonas Raio; Ed Newton, Calder Raio.

The photos of UTN and R-UTN members and scholarship recipients are from the UTN party.