Did you ever work at the Middleville building?

Below is information from R-UTN member John Kobel on the continuing HEALTH problems at the former Middleville Middle School – now Northport Middle School. It is important that any teacher who worked there at any time read this and respond if it applies to you.

Background info
Since at least, the early 1970’s this has been a “sick” building. During the “70’s and 80’s” there were many teachers who had miscarriages and some whose children were born with birth defects. There have been a number of teachers and staff and, yes, children who have been diagnosed with various types of cancer and lung/breathing problems. This is continuing to the present day. Teachers, staff and students who have classes in K building as well as G and H buildings are sick now. They have been diagnosed with high levels of carbon monoxide, exposure to benzine and other chemicals. Anyone who has ever been in this building for any length of time can have health issues.
The parents of a number of students who have been diagnosed with these medical issues, as well as some current teachers have gone to countless Board of Education meetings to raise these issues. Many of them have filed papers from their doctors and medical labs with the District office and yet, it seems that none of these have made it to the School Board members, so they are asking for our help. They are asking that any teacher, staff member or administrator who ever worked at the Middleville Road building who has been diagnosed with any form of cancer, or any type of lung and breathing issues, or any other abnormality like miscarriages to please share their stories with them and perhaps even share their stories with the law firm they have signed on with. Also, if you know of any faculty, staff or administrator who has passed away from any of these issues please share those names as well.
These parents have spent countless hours and days researching the past history of the building as well as the property that it is built on in an attempt to protect their children. They have found documents going back to the 1940’s showing that this property, and the surrounding area, were used as a landfill. No one really knows what kinds of materials are buried underneath this building that could be leaching up into it.
I am asking for your help to help these parents, students, current teachers, administrators and staff who continue to get sick simply because they have to work in this “sick” building. 
If you are able to help, please email the information to Bobbi Scott and use the subject “Middleville Road building“.
Thank you.
John Kobel