Have You Contributed to Vote/Cope?

In 2021 we are facing the most difficult challenges that any of us can remember. COVID19 has impacted our health, our economy, and the whole structure of our country, state, and local communities. This has been a time that has highlighted the need for elected officials who are capable, willing to face the hard work and hard issues, and care about  all of us and all of our communities. Over the last few decades NYSUT has worked to elect people who fit that description and VOTE/COPE has provided the funds to do that work. 

 As we approach the planning period for the new state budget, NYSUT is advocating for revenue enhancements to fill the state budget deficit and meet the added expenses of protecting all of us. It’s a time when the ultra-wealthy have profited and the lower income and middle class citizens have struggled. NYSUT is urging changes in the income tax structure that will produce greater revenues from multi-millionaires and billionaires. Part of these efforts will be a media campaign to educate the public about the problem we face and the need for additional revenues. This is one of the ways VOTE/COPE dollars are used.

Other uses of VOTE/COPE funds include supporting the election campaigns of legislators who support our concerns about public education, pension protection (think opposition to the Constitutional Convention), health insurance, Social Security, and Medicare. 

NYSUT, through Vote/Cope was instrumental in instituting of the 1.2% yearly COLA increase to the pensions for retirees who have been retired five years or more. NYSUT is continuing to work with legislatures to increase the COLA amount, and supporting Vote/Cope may make it happen.

If you are a regular Vote/Cope contributor, Thank-you! The easiest way to contribute is through pension deduction. Contributing a few dollars each month is an investment in your future, and the future of education in New York State. Contact member services to set up a pension deduction.

To make a one-time contribution, visit the Vote/Cope section of the NYSUT website and LOGIN to make a contribution online. If you would rather mail a check, make the check out to Vote/Cope and mail it to: Vote/Cope
PO Box 295
Canajoharie, NY 13317-0295