Information About Medical Insurance Premiums …

A message from U-RTN Insurance Liaison, Hank Kasven, about Medicare and Other Medical Insurance Premiums

Medicare and Premiums
If you are not 65 you will not be able to have Medicare Premiums deducted from your Social Security check. Why you would want to I don’t know? But some questions have been asked. Major Medical premium will be deducted from your pension check, though a brief glitch occurred at the end 2014.

Empire premiums
Empire and other State required premiums are only deducted from your Pension Check, NOT from the Social Security check.

If you are on Medicare, premiums are deducted from BOTH Medicare and pension checks. However, the pension deduction is reimbursed to you every three months by the district. If you pay an income adjusted addition to Medicare (  IRMMA ) you will be reimbursed by the district. I hope this clears up some of the confusion.