Make Sure You Get Reimbursed

Social Security Administration sends out a letter every year informing you of how much you will receive for your monthly Social Security payment.  Page 1 itemizes basic payment, the standard deduction for Medicare Part B and the deduction for IRMAA. IRMAA is the amount deducted based on your income as reported on last year’s income tax form.  Northport/East Northport School District is required to reimburse you for the standard Medicare Part B and the IRMAA deductions  from your Social Security benefit. 

Recently, the district sent you a letter, “Open Enrollment”, that discussed medical plan options.  Page 3 of that letter gives instructions on how to get reimbursement for the deductions from your Social Security benefit for Medicare Part B and IRMAA –  If you do not respond by March you will get reimbursed for the Medicare Part B deduction only – losing the reimbursement for IRMAA that you are entitled to. 

For additional information, Contact Dayna West, Empolyee Benefits for the district, at 631-262-6634, or email Fran LaDuca at [email protected].