Make Our Voices Heard — Contribute to VOTE/COPE

Please contribute to VOTE/COPE. It is extremely important that in this political climate and important election year that involves national and state elections that you donate. Each of us must do everything we can to protect our hard-earned pensions and benefits. As life-long educators, we also need to be advocates for the children and our colleagues in New York State.

We need to support NYSUT with our voices, votes and contributions. A $25.00 contribution from each retired teacher will help us to protect ourselves, our families, and all present and future students from those special interest groups, who are seeking to destroy public education and pension benefits. No amount is too small. Give what you can.

You may contribute at our Annual Picnic on September 13th. Bring your checkbook. If you do not attend the picnic, you will receive a donation request in the mail. Please respond. Send a donation, or request a direct deduction of a designated amount from your pension. Whatever means you choose will help in the fight to preserve public education and retirement benefits.