President Trump sent his proposed 2019 budget to Congress on Monday February 12th.  When running for office, he pledged to leave Medicare benefits untouched.  However, his budget proposal would reduce Medicare spending by $554 billion over the next 10 years. If you are concerned about the budget proposing huge cuts to the Medicare program, contact our Senators with your concerns and urge them to vote against this budget proposal.

The White House claims that the reduced spending would come through reforms to Medicare, not benefits cuts. However, henever “reforms” to Medicare are mentioned in Washington, it raises suspicions it is another opportunity for House Speaker Paul Ryan to bring forth his “premium support” plan for Medicare.

The “premium support” plan is an insurance company scam to get federal subsidies that would privatize and completely destroy Medicare.  The result is that traditional Medicare Parts A and B will appear less competitive when actually they are a better deal.  Eliminating Medicare  Parts A and B is the plan.

Send an email and let your Congressional Representatives know how you feel —

Contact Senator Chuck Schumer
Contact Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Contact Representative Lee Zeldin, NY 1st Congressional District
Contact Representative Peter King, NY 2nd Congressional District
Contact Representative Thomas Suozzo, NY 3rd Congressional District
Contact Representative Kathleen Rice, NY 4th Congressional District

Internet search – type Senator Schumer, click on E-Mail Chuck – this opens a response box for your comments.

Internet search – type Kirsten Gillibrand, click on E-Mail me – this opens a comment box.

Contacting your House member is also important.  Act today.

Submitted by R-UTN member John Kobel