Lois Hutwagner … revisited

Lois Hutwagner, former secretary at East Northport Middle School, passed away on June 26 in Palm Coast, Florida. Lois has lived in Florida since retiring as Principal’s secretary at East Northport Middle School in 1996. For all the years that Lois served as Principal’s secretary, she was the glue that kept ENMS running smoothly. She had the ability to make each teacher, administrator, aide, and custodian feel special.  She was a listener and daily, perhaps hourly, provided answers to so many questions asked of her. When Lois retired, there was a void in the building.  She was and will continue to be missed.

Donations in Lois’ name may be made to St. Joseph’s Carmelite Monastery, 141 Carmelite Drive, Bunnell, FL 32110.

Dr. William Muller was principal at East Northport Middle School for 18 years of Lois Hutwagner’s career. He honors her with the following eulogy:

I was the luckiest administrator in Northport, because Lois Hutwagner was my secretary.  She was everyone’s mom, multitalented and compassionate. We worked together for 18 years and she had this uncanny instinct of knowing what I wanted or what I was going to say before I even said it. While having one such conversation in the main office, someone commented, “You two sound like your married!”  Well, it was a marriage of sorts – Lois was my support, my confidant, my alter ego, and most importantly, my friend.

The last thing I did as principal, was walk through the building with Lois. It was a bit eerie, because the school was empty. It was quiet and we reminisced  for a while. It was a memorable closing to my career.  We started together, we finished together. It is a time I will never forget.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, no, rather, with all my heart, for what you did for me personally, for the staff, parents and students of ENMS.

As Voltaire says:
     It is with books as it is with people,       
     very few make a difference.  Lois, you
     made a BIG difference in my life!

     G-d bless your soul and may you rest
     in peace.
                                                   Dr. Muller