SUNY Proposes Changing Charter School Teacher Certification Requirements

On Thursday, July 6, the SUNY Charter School Committee, proposed new regulations that would allow teachers at SUNY authorized charter schools to work without obtaining a master’s degree or passing certification exams. that is charged with overseeing SUNY authorized charter schools. The Charter School Committee is a four member sub-committee of the SUNY Board of Trustees.

NYSUT, along with the state’s schools chancellor and Board of Regents chair have spoken out against these proposed regulations. Posting on the official NYSUT website, President Andy Pallotta stated —

What the charter industry is essentially saying is, ‘Give me a few weeks and I’ll authorize almost anyone we want to be a teacher.’  This backdoor approach fails students and would be a grave disservice to aspiring charter teachers.  It is a travesty.

SUNY is looking for public comment on the proposals, and NYSUT urges all members to visit the Member Action Center (MAC) and voice their opposition. To read more on this topic visit the NYSUT website and