Verizon is Ending Email Service

Verizon is closing down its email service on a rolling basis. They began notifying customers last spring, and as of yet there is not definitive date as to when the entire service will be shuttered. According to the Verizon website:

Over the next several weeks we’ll be notifying all customers who have a Verizon Email address that we’re preparing to leave the email business; however not all customers will be notified at the same time. All customers will be given two options on how to handle their email going forward, including the ability to keep their email address. Each customer will be provided their own date and timeline to take action to ensure their access to email is not interrupted. Other than this change, no other Verizon services will be impacted.

If you use Verizon email and have not yet been notified, visit to read about the coming changes and your options. In today’s world email is an important form of communication, and for so many of us having a reliable and secure email account is a necessity. If have a Verizon email address and have not yet been contacted we strongly recommend you take proactive measures. And it you decided to change your email address be sure to email our membership chair, Judy Bensimon with the new address.