What have our members been up to? Part 4

I’ve taken four courses from USFSP (Univ. South Florida, St.Petersburg in subjects far from my specialization.  They made me work very hard to learn difficult material and especially to figure out how to use the internet to access  libraries, discussion groups, etc. on line. 

Dorothy Cappadona, East Northport Middle School, Social Studies and Asst. Principal

The pandemic caused disruption to everything including the simple procedure of renewing one’s membership in R-UTN. The returns dragged out over many months and too many failed to arrive. Since  I am the Membership Chair, the isolation and the extra time available turned me into a kind of Bureau of Missing Members. Using e-mails, snail mail, telephones and help from other Board Members, repeated contact attempts were made. The results and the appreciation of the people we reached made it a very rewarding activity.

Judy Bensimon, Elementary Teacher Dickinson Avenue and Northport Middle School, R-UTN Executive Board Membership Chair