What have our members been up to?

We asked our members to let us know how they survived the cloistered months of the pandemic, and beginning today we will be posting accounts of how our members fared during these trying times. Today post features reports from two of our members, Alan Drysdale and Howard Blue.

My wife Susan and I have donated our relief checks to several causes:  A local soup kitchen, Wounded Warriors, St. Jude, The Salvation Army, K-9 heroes, St. Joseph’s Indian School and  others.  We feel very fortunate to be able to do this, and encourage others who can, to do the same.

Alan Drysdale
Math teacher at Northport Jr. and Northport Middle for 33 years.

This winter I broke my record for catching the most mice in our basement – so as not to engender jealousy, I won’t say the exact number. One mouse got so impatient for a new trap that he came upstairs looking for me. 
I’ve also been carrying out my duties as Town Historian for Copake, NY. You can see some of my stories — about Liberace; Walt Whitman’s brother, Emile Griffith; murders; a one legged veteran of the Battle of Gettysburg; an alleged Nazi spy;  and the test flight of a plane for the Navy — all in little old in Copake. See the Copake History Facebook page to read more. Finally, I’m just about done with the writing of my book: The Man Who Sold Superman (Comic Books) to the World, and a publisher’s interested.

Howard Blue
Northport High School
Social Studies Department
School 1129 Moscow
English Department

We are still looking for more submissions. Send your anecdotes to [email protected], and be sure to include your name, school you retired from and subject taught – if applicable. Photos are welcome!