Watch Eye Witness News Tonight

Northport Middle School (Middleville Middle/Junior School) will be on Channel 7 Eye Witness News again at the 5 o’clock news. This is Part Two of the continuing story of the Chemical Contamination and poisoning of students, teachers and staff that is still going on today. 
The teacher who has been teaching in John Kobel’s former classroom, G 51, for the last seven years has just been diagnosed with “Heavy metals poisoning“. She thought that only K wing was contaminated and had no idea that the steel door in the floor at the back of her room was a cesspool. 
One of the Board of Ed Trustees who has been fighting to help has made public that her son was diagnosed with “Heavy metal poisoning” after spending three years in that building. She and two other board members have tried to pass a motion to do ground water and soil (both surface and deep) sampling but they always loose the vote by a count of 4 to 3. 
 There will be other people speaking in the report tomorrow. 
Please, we need your help. Tell everyone to watch Channel 7 Eye Witness News tomorrow at 5 o’clock. We need to help our fellow teachers and staff and, of course, the children.
Thank you, 
John Kobel
R-UTN Member and Retired Northport Middle School Teacher